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I travelled to Uganda, Africa from Feb. 18-27 with my friend Lisa Erickson and a medical team from Janesville, WI, to support the work of Hope Institute of Uganda.
Lisa and I brought spiritual encouragement and support in the form of teaching and prayer at the Jinja Light and Life Church, while the medical team performed surgeries at Buluba hospital.
Thanks again for your support, and may God bless you as you partner with us to bring hope to widows, orphans, and our Christian brothers and sisters in Uganda.


Friday, April 20, 2012

Kim Shared a Blessing with the bead makers in Jinja, Uganda on Feb. 24

We are made in God’s image and likeness.
When I see your creations I am reminded of the creativity of our God 
who made so many things from nothing.
When you take scraps and transform them into something beautiful, 
I think of God who takes the scraps (junk) of our lives 
and transforms them into something beautiful and useful.
When I see you take the time to carefully craft each bead one by one, 
then take more time to glaze, and glaze again,
and more time to string, and more time to craft designs;
 I think of God’s great love and patience with us 
and his willingness to forgive us over and over.
When you string the beads together into one whole piece, 
I remember God who takes each one of us and puts us together to make us the church; 
one body with Jesus as the head, held together by the Father who created all things.  
Together we are strong and beautiful.
When we take your jewelry and share it with others, 
we have opportunity to tell about the love and care of God in your life and ours. 
We are so blessed to be a part of this process.
Thank you!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday- A Most Amazing Day!

From Thursday Feb. 23


We arrived to 'Papa Joy's' home at 12:00pm today. (My friend Joy is the founder of Hope Institute)
He was expecting us to come and talk to some village alcoholics which included his children and relatives.
We sat in a circle under a tree, on furniture carried out from the house.
I shared my story of growing up in an alcoholic home and then
shared encouragement from God's word and the 12 steps on how they can begin the journey of recovery.  
It is VERY difficult in this environment. Addiction recovery is difficult for anyone but these people have additional obstacles to overcome.
They have more idle time since many do not have jobs.  They listened intently and even asked questions and expressed their appreciation afterward.
You could see in their eyes the longing to be free like their relative Ben who translated for me. We discussed the possiblity of microfinance loans and invited them to join the 12 step group.  'God will make a way when there seems to be no way' ... These words ring in my mind.  Please pray for them.

At 2 pm we went on Buluba hospital where the other part of our team is working this week. After eating lunch and walking around and taking in the beauty we visited with Sister Filamina and several leprosy victims.  She takes care of 8 women and several men who have leprosy.  The ladies are OLD. They have lived at the hospital all their lives. We sat with them for an hour and listened to their stories. Then we prayed for them and shook their fingerless hands and gave them each a small white polar bear with a red shirt (beanie baby).  They were filled with Joy.  More excited than little children.  Thank you Gina Kester for sending the bears! Sister Filamina was posted there 4 months ago.  She is so sweet, kind, and patient and happy to be there. The following quote reminds me of Sister Filamina:  " Things may be thrust upon you that you see as a burden to bear, but if you can see past yourself, and see it as an opportunity to help someone in need, you will not only lift someone elses spirit, but your own as well.
Other things we did:
We walked down to the lake Victoria passing through a small fishing village.  The children ran to us shouting 'Muzoongu' (I spelled it the way it sounds when they say it). It means 'white person'.  They were expecting 'sweets'.  We didn't bring candy this time but they are getting plenty from the medical team.  Lisa was in heaven!  She wants to take them all home.  These children were dressed in what we consider rags, but are among the healthier children in Uganda because they eat protein rich fish everyday.

We learned how bark cloth is made and we got on education on termites.  Huge hills can be seen everywhere.  Some are taller than me.  The ants from the hills are fried and eaten with much enjoyment. (Not by me) :) 

That's all for now.  
Thanks for ignoring the typos.

Kim speaks at Papa Joy's home.
Giving bears to the ladies

Lisa is in heaven.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Beaders and members of Light and Life Church, Uganda, highly welcomes you!
-Pastor Manasseh and Rose Argwings Masiza
Thank you! We are looking forward to our visit.
-Kim & Lisa

Sunday, February 12, 2012

'Little Dresses for Africa'

What can you do with grandma's embroidered pillowcases?

Make 'Little Dresses for Africa'

Thank you to Celesta and the Ladies Fellowship at New Berlin Free Methodist Church in Wisconsin for making 33 beautiful dresses for us to bring to Africa. Most of the dresses are made out of old pillowcases.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beautiful Recycled Paper Beads


We are looking forward to seeing the beadmakers.
Nakku Justine makes recycled paper jewelry to buy basic needs like 
food and medicine for her children.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jinja Light and Life Church

  One of our destinations.


14 days til departure

Gathering supplies and packing suitcases in advance, in hopes of reducing stress the day before trip departure, has been my dream every time I travel.  There is still time to make it happen!  I need to make my list and pack it! Not just check it twice. :)